Sunday, February 7, 2010

Airplane trip #3

Kellan had an eventful week starting with a visit to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor, which really was a waste of time. He had been having such terrible congestion that began when he was 2 weeks old and really got worse the beginning of January. Worse to the point he could barely breathe, especially at night, and I was not sleeping, scared he'd stop breathing. So one of the pediatricians consulted the ENT and put him on an antibiodic, sudafed, and a different anti-acid medicine. Within a few days he was way better-back to where he was before Jan, not 100%, but we'll take it!. Wednesday Kellan woke up with torticollis and tortipelvis-where his whole body is in a "C" shape. We pretty much left him alone, didn't try to straighten him out, and after a nap at Aunt Maries he awoke just fine. Thursday was our trip to Denver for physical therapy. I could very easily get sick of flying with an infant! Getting through security is a nightmare, thank goodness for other passengers! Shannon, the other mom I go with, and her baby Piper, and Kellan and I must be a sight! We just laugh. We rented a car, and getting that back and Shannon dropped off by the shuttle was slow so we almost missed our flight! Well, that and we stayed last at the hospital meeting a new friend. My mom works with a man whose grandson has Downs and was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. They are in Denver, so we went to visit Jack. He is one handsome boy and what a trooper!! He is my newest hero! We enjoyed meeting Jack and his mom and dad, and spent some time visiting. If everyone could keep them in your prayers that would be great!

Friday was not a good day for Kellan. Justin's morning flight was cancelled so Kellan stayed home with him while I went in to work for a couple hours. He called me saying that Kellan had been unconsolable, screaming, crying for an hour. That is VERY unusual for Kellan, who almost never cries. He got him to calm down some and brought him to me at a friends house. He ended up sleeping for a while then woke up just fine, so I don't know what his deal was, but glad it was over!!

Kellan has a doctor appt Tuesday, so we'll see how much weight he has gained, I know he's getting longer!!
The picture is of Kellan reaching for a toy-something he learned after our last trip to Denver. His PT was very impressed when I sent her this pic! Now he has moved on to learning to play with his feet! I'll post pic when he is able to do it!