Saturday, July 10, 2010

So there I go again, being delinquent!! It has been a busy summer! I have been working on starting a support group for parents of children with chromosomal disorders which I have named Yellowstone county's "Extra" Special Kids, or YES Kids. The website is Check it out. Not alot there yet, but there will be!! Billings 1st annual Buddy Walk will be October 2, Kellan's first birthday! Go to for more info.
Kellan made his first trip up to Ft Peck last weekend. He wasn't too fond of the boat, as he had to wear a life jacket that made it impossible to get his thumb into his mouth! But the fresh air lulled him to sleep and he took a great nap!!
Justin and I took Kellan to Denver in early June to see the physical therapist that specializes in Downs. She was very impressed with his progress. He still is fairly delayed, but continues to make great progress!! He still does PT and OT each weekly, so that helps alot, I never find enough hours in the day to do as much therapy with him as I'd like, Justin is much better about it than I!
Kellan also went on his first camping trip a few weeks ago. He did very well, he and I slept in cousin Shelleys camper. It was nice to have mostly the whole family on my mom's side together.
I posted a new video of Kellan on youtube, he's in the bath, it's pretty cute! Search my name and it should list all my videos.
Hope you all are having a great summer!!