Monday, August 30, 2010

Tobin, Morgan, Shelby and Jenna loving the lake!
First day of school!

Our sleeping beauties!! This is why we got a king-sized bed, right honey??

Kellan lovin' his mum mum!

Boatin' baby!

Summer is over, school has begun. Tobin is loving kindergarden, loving riding the bus, but refuses to eat hot lunch! Oh well, not exactly great for them, so I just have to remember to pack one for him. Shelby loves school of course, and is happy with anything that comes her way! Morgan even somewhat like school this year. She is a senior and has several classes she really likes. Kellan and I are enjoying some quiet time together, but the day goes by soooo fast!! Shelby starts soccer this week, dance next week and youth group soon. Tobin starts soccer this week too, and a good friend of ours is his coach, so he's pretty happy! Kellan is growing and progressing, we are still working on sitting up, which he's getting stronger every day. He's also working on crawling and standing. We taught him to pat-a-cake, which was very rewarding, still is, every time he does it! He can pick up a little bit of food but can't quite get it in his mouth yet!

We made 2 trips to Ft Peck/Glasgow this summer as a family, and then Justin took the middle 2 kids one weekend and I took all the kids when I went to Havre for the fair. Kellan did pretty good on the boat, we found a life jacket that he could reach his thumb in, but I admit I cheated and unzipped it and took one arm out for him! He liked that better! THe kids had a blast boating, tubing and swimming! We enjoyed all our time with Justin's grandparents, and hope we have many, many more trips to see them!

The Buddy Walk is in full swing and gaining momentum, which I am loving. We have several potential sponsors, with my employer already committing to us! I love to see the love everyone has for our Kellan and other special kiddos! We have had a great response from family and friends, I think I have 40 ish to order shirts for on Kellan's team!! YAY!

Enjoy the pics!!