Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pillowcases (and more) for Katelyn

Here are some of the pillowcases I am selling for Katelyn's fundraiser. Above clockwise from left is Pink Panther, baseball, Diego soccer, boys soccer, Scoobey-Doo, and Vikings (flannel)

This is material for more: Disney Fairies, cats, and Little Mermaid (above)
Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels, and Cars (below)

yellow, butterflies in both yellow and pink, and peace sign tie dye

All pillowcases are handmade by my mom and aunt. All are standard size and regular cotton, unless noted. They are $12 each, or 2 for $20. If you have a special print in mind, we can do almost anything, special orders will be $15 each.
This is the wolf my 17 year old daughter painted. I will have prints made. Isn't it beautiful??

If you want to order from that you will have to send a check to my Tupperware lady, then she will give me a check at the end with all the donations. In that case, email me at It's best to leave a comment on here too, since if you aren't in my contact list msn likes to put those in my junk box!

Friday, May 13, 2011

5/5/5 Warrior

If you have visited my un-updated blog recently, you may have noticed the new picture on the right side that features "Katelyn". I have become her 5/5/5 warrior. Basically what this is, is that to celebrate Reece's Rainbow celebrate their 5th anniversary and over 500 orphans-no-more, they are pushing advocacy for all the 5 year olds listed. The goal is to raise $5,000, and help them find their forever family. Ok, so I admit, I'm a bit overwhelmed by those lofty goals. My blog doesn't have many followers, and that's how a lot of people fund raise. But I am determined to do the best I can for Katelyn, and so is my Shelby. She is already brainstorming ideas to raise money for her. The first fundraiser we are doing is pillowcases. I have donated a few of these to other blogger-friends fundraisers, and the response has been quite positive. My mom and aunt hand make these and we have dozens of themes. We have cotton and flannel. All are standard size. I'll get some pics posted soon, my computer crashed and it has all my photos on it, so the computer guy is trying to retrieve everything. In the meantime, pillowcase themes include cats, horses, Disney, Dora, butterflies, angels, fish, some sports teams, and lots of different colors. Each is $12. You can pay by clicking on the button to the right, it goes directly to Katelyn's adoption account on Reece's Rainbow, and is completely tax-deductable. Once you have paid, email me that you have and what type of pillowcase you want. We'll take special orders too!! Thank you for helping me help this sweet little girl, who has been an orphan way too long!!