Friday, December 4, 2009

Trip to Denver

Kellan has an appt with the pediatric neurologist Dec 14 in Denver, with an EEG first. I had Justin call and verify the date and times, just to be sure! Kellan and I are flying down on Sunday. I have a friend who lives right in Aurora so she is very kindly picking us up from the airport and letting us stay the night with her. Hopefully Justin will be able to work something out to be able to be there too, we'll see. Kellan is also being baptized on the 13th, with my cousin Wendy and her husband Dave as Godparents.

I am also trying to prepare for Christmas. Shelby REALLY wants a Nintendo DS. I explained to her that they are very expensive and we'd have to see, and she went to her room and gathered up all her money to give to me to use-$17.62!! She was so cute!! I did a little shopping tonight. I found on another mom's blog a list of good toys for baby's with Ds, so I ordered some things off the internet, such an easier way to shop! Justin is gone this week, then home next and then gone again for a week, so it makes shopping time fairly sparse.

Kellan weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz at his appt on Tues! He got 3 shots, which covered all but 3 of the 2 month recommendation. I opted to wait on the polio, hep B and rotavirus. He'll possibly get the polio and rota at his visit next month.

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. The kids are very excited to decorate it, so we'll start tonight. It's not as much fun without Justin around, seems empty. He got to spend a few days in sunny Key West. He's going to miss both of our work Christmas parties, but will be here for Tobin's Christmas program so that's good.

Check out Kellan's hair in the one pic-it is so curly right after it's washed!

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  1. Kellan is so cute, Christina! Absolutely priceless. I love your blog!