Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Fall!!

Happy Fall! The Schye household has been very busy since school started. It seems like Justin was gone every 2 weeks there for a while, Shelby and Tobin started soccer, her with 2 practices per week, him 1, both games on Saturdays. Shelby is also taking 2 dance classes, and will start girl scouts this week! Kellan and I went to Bozeman in early Sept for their first Buddy Walk. Justin went to Minot a couple weeks later for their homecoming. Then we had our BIG weekend!! October 2 was Kellan's first birthday, and our first annual Buddy Walk! What an amazing day it was! To see all the pics, courtesy of the amazing Ronnie Ruiz, see our website, We met lots of new friends, and had lots of great family and friends there supporting Kellan and us, then some there in spirit! We had "Kellan's Buddy" team, and sold over 90 shirts! Almost everyone at his daycare got one, and they've been wearing them lots since then! Such a great show of support. The event as a whole sold over 500 shirts! Pretty amazing for our first year!
We celebrated Kellan's first birthday with family and friends at Fuddruckers. Kellan got lots of great gifts, spoiled as he deserved!
Morgan is busy with senior year happenings, looking at colleges, and work. She also is a huge help to me when Justin is gone, so she stays busy!
The 3 youngest and I went to Anaconda this past week. I taught a class in Butte at the hospital and my cousin Terri took care of the kids for me. Terri and her family just moved there from WI, and another cousin Shelley and her fam just moved there from Northern MT. It was great to be able to spend time with them both. It's such a pretty area, I can't wait to go back. Plus, Shelley is a nurse at the prison, so I can't wait for my personal tour!!
More excitement to come in our house-Shelby and Tobin are both getting their tonsils out in a little over a week! I'm so excited, esp. for Tobin, he has so many throat and breathing issues. Shelby is the strep queen, but Tobin suffers more with stuff that can't be treated, except by getting them out! Hopefully it all goes smoothly. I took most of 2 weeks off, Justin took surgery day and the next so we'll see!!
Check out Kellans videos!!

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