Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patience...and repetition.

Kellan loves to take his socks off, then try to put them back on....

I know they go on here...
But how the heck...?

I'll just show off my flexibility!

I've written before about how much patience Kellan has taught me. Well now I've discovered the other key to success with Kellan...REPETITION!!! He is a very smart cookie, and really does learn quickly. His speech therapist can work with him and in 45 minutes have him doing something new. Every week she does this! She is amazing, I believe she has a gift. Kellan is now consistently doing "so big", giving "five", waving hi and bye bye, clapping "yay", giving kisses, and signing more and eat! I almost can't keep up with him! Now we are working on signing all done, and blowing kisses. He also will roll a ball or truck back and forth, but his favorite game is "I drop it and you pick it up and give it back to me, and repeat game"!
His speech therapist has a baby doll that she gets out now and wants him to start using a spoon to feed her. As soon as he sees this doll his whole demeanor changes...he does not like the doll! It's almost funny to watch him. She sets the doll on the tray of his chair, and he pushes her off! She always offers him the choice between 2 things to play with. She usually holds up bubbles and something, and I always know he'll pick the bubbles first! He loves to pop them! When it's doll time, she doesn't give him a choice, she knows he'll never pick her! So I guess we better dig out an old baby doll from downstairs and start playing with it with him!
Kellan had a fun playdate with his friend Shelby today. She is a bit over 2, and non-stop energy! It was so fun to see her run around and talk and be silly. It was also kind of exhausting! I guess it's good to see what I'm in for in the not so distant future!!
Kellan also had his 15 month well baby doctor visit, during which we found out he is not so well! His right ear was infected and full of fluid, so obviously the tube is clogged, UGH! Poor pumkin, so he's on antibiodics again, so I'm sure he'll get thrush again, and get it all over his sucking thumb, AGAIN!! I sure hope this is the last of these!
On a good note, my insurance agreed to pay for his surgery at in-network benefit, which is a huge savings to us. Just the doctor's office consult alone was $250, but in-network it's only $30 for us! Thank God my insurance has been so wonderful, for the most part. I owe it all to the wonderful case manager they assigned to Kellan right after he was born. She goes out of her way to help us. I may have to take a trip to Helena just to meet her and thank her in person!!
Well it's off to bed for this momma!


  1. These pictures cracked me up! Thats funny he hates the doll. Our worker brings a doll too and Russell will just sit and stare at it, lol

  2. Arina just takes her's off! I can't wait until summer when we don't have to worry about socks! I don't even put them on her unless I'm going out, because she has them off so fast. Little stinkers!