Monday, April 4, 2011

18 months?!?! Really?

(note: I wrote this last night, and am posting it now with pics!!) Kellan loves his great-grandpa
Well I was all excited to finally post again, and have all these cute pics of Kellan, but my computer sucks and I'm ready to throw it thru the window. Everything I try to do takes forever, and half the time it say internet explorer has stopped working and closes me out of everything! UGH! Maybe I'll get lucky on one of the iPad giveaways I keep entering and finally WIN! In the meantime, I can give an update on my favorite little 1 1/2 year old! It seems so weird to say that, I can't believe it's been that long, and on the other hand I can't seem to remember not having him here! Kellan is growing by leaps and bounds! He weighs almost 21 pounds and is almost grown out of his 12 month clothes! He did just end up with another ear infection, darn it. We took him in on Friday because he had 2 rough nights of coughing like crazy and obviously bugged by something. I was really surprised to hear the doctor say his right ear had pus behind the ear drum. So much for the tubes. She couldn't see the right one, but our regular doctor has always had trouble seeing that one too, so I don;t know. We'll go back in a couple weeks for a recheck and if she still can't see it I'll call the doctor who put them in. Thankfully, she is as awesome as they come, and I know she'll take good care of Kellan. The doctors and nurses at the clinic where the kids go love Kellan so much that they have asked to have his picture taken professionally and put up on the wall in the clinic! They have several photos of kids up, so it'll be fun to add our little man to the mix! Kellan has finally decided that it is fun to sit up, and it makes playing ever more fun! He's still a bit unsteady, but doing really well! So his PT is really pushing the crawling now, which he hates! Kellan rolls to get where he wants to go, and there's no where he can't get by rolling! I have some fun video of him sitting and playing and rolling around, if I can just get my computer to upload them to my youtube, I'll cross post them here. Kellan is expanding his talents to signing too. He signs "more", "eat", and "all done", waves hi and bye, and blows kisses. He still loves his thumb, and now has to have a blankie to hold darn cute! He still has just the 5 teeth, but has decided that's enough to justify not eating any more baby food! He loves anything with spagetti sauce, has eaten and liked a pickle, lemon and lime! Well my wonderful computer has done it again, so I am saving this to a word doc until tomorrow, shutting the piece of #@&% off, and going to bed. Hopefully a new day will bring a better attitude to both me and it!


  1. Kellan sounds like he is doing awesome!! I'd love to see a video of him rolling around. Russell never "rolled" really...I swear he sat in one spot for MONTHS!

  2. I didn't realize him and Arina were the same age! She is the same way, doesn't even need baby food anymore. This girl wants real food!

  3. OMG! He is darling! Love that pickle photo!:)