Friday, December 2, 2011

Half way there baby!

I started fundraising as Stacy's Christmas Warrior on November 1. Today is December 2, half way thru the Christmas Warrior event, and I am pleased as punch to say we passed the $500 mark! Half way through and half way there! Now, it has not been easy. I did a craft show at a church that raised much less than the time and effort was worth. But I bounced back with a bake sale at the hospital where I work that raised $200 in less than 4 hours, and I had some fantastic coworkers (and mother) who helped me bake so it wasn't a huge amount of work. I created a Facebook page for Stacy that I have donated items for sale. My mom gave me aprons and pillow cases, my aunt gave my adorable stockings she makes, my daughter donated beautiful prints of an angel painting she created, and my kids and I had lots of fun creating beaded angels. Well, I'd had TWO sales in a month! So I decided to have a birthday sale and cut all my prices in half! I admit, the prices may be a bit high, but they cover shipping costs, and look what a great cause it's for! A beautiful little girl, who lives in an adult mental institution all because she was born with an extra chromosome and deemed "unfit" for society.
Now that I've gotten to the halfway mark for Stacy, I feel the need to help some of those who are having a hard time fundraising. So I am going to direct donations from Stacys store to other orphans for part of the next month. I've asked warriors on my Facebook group to let me know if they want my help. I will just ask that they spread the word on the store, and try to get buyers. I feel like the way it's gone for Stacy, I'll be left with all my stuff at the end of this, and I'd rather the money go to someone. So watch for me to announce who will be the first orphan to benefit! If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so, even $5 makes a difference, believe it or not!
Last but not least, my little Kellan is making BIG progress in the walking department! His PT is going to put him on the treadmill next week! So watch for photos there too!

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  1. Hi Christina, just wanted to check and make sure you got my email about your owl hats?? I want to make sure you still want them and are ready to pay before I ship them. If you can please let me know ASAP that would be great because if I don't ship them in the next day or two you won't get them for Christmas. Thank you! :)