Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who puts up with my repeated requests for prayers and donations to help "my" little orphans and the families who rescue them. I know that just because this is my passion, doesn't mean that it's yours. I have gotten many great comments from friends and family, complimenting me on what I am going to try to help. But I'm guessing there's some who just get annoyed and wish I'd leave them alone. And that's ok. If you are one in that group, feel free to not follow my blog, unfriend me on Facebook, tell me to stop sending you emails. I'm ok with that. Because guess what?! I'm NOT GOING TO STOP asking, begging, YELLING for these children who have been given NO chance at a life!! This could easily be my Kellan, and wouldn't you want to help him?

 Does he not deserve a loving family? If he does, then why doesn't Lilly? Or Sutton?

I "met" some great gals over the Christmas time fundraising on a special Facebook group RR arranged for us to network. And it was great! We worked together so well, I think there were about 150 of us on there, some young teens, some not-so-old grandmas. Some with no children, some pregnant that delivered new babies while fundraising! Lots of awesome fundraisers went on: jewelry of all sorts, neat picture-on a-bottle cap-keychains, quilts, even iPads and cameras! LOTS of money was raised. Totals are posted. Go check it out...pretty amazing!

Let me end this post by saying the vast majority of donations came from folks like you and I; $5 here, $10 there.  I would never ask anyone to give up their life savings, just a Starbucks, or DVD rental.  (note: if you happen to win the lottery, then be prepared for me to bug you for a little bit more!)


  1. What a great post and it is great to have made so many new friendships through angel tree, cannot wait till next AT!

  2. I've always admired you for the passion you have shown for these children. Keep doing what you are doing :)