Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A second chance

This post will be short, but not very sweet. A dear child's photo has haunted me for months. She is almost 9 and lives in a mental institution, just because she has Down syndrome. Her "before institution" picture shows an adorable, somewhat chubby cheeked little darling. Her "after institution" picure shows an emaciated, drugged looking, sad, unaware angel. Is she being mistreated? Most likely. By staff, by other "inmates", because that's what it is, a prison. No, prison wouldn't be this bad. She's most certainly severely neglected. Older, stronger children probably steal her food. No one cares about her. No one. Not one person. Well, that's not true either. God cares. And She has an army of warriors who love her, and who are refusing to let her continue to go unnoticed. The biggest problem here is that she's in a region that's only open to Canadians. But nothing is too big for God. I have complete faith and confidence that her forever family is going to find her, and soon. Won't you please share her desperate situation? I apologize I cannot pst her photos here, I'm on my iPad and am not that tech savvy! So please follow the link and look at the horrific "after" photo. Then tell me she doesn't deserve a family. Please also see these wonderful posts about this angel as well!

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