Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 months old baby boy

We celebrated Kellan's half birthday last Friday by getting his pictures taken and dinner at Olive Garden, where he dined with his girlfriend Kaydence. I can't believe how time has flown by, and Kellan has grown so much. I uploaded a bathtub pic from last week and one from his first bath, at about 3 weeks old. What a difference!
Kellan is still working on holding his head up, this has been his biggest challenge thus far. He is getting much stronger and can push himself up on his arms while laying on the floor on his tummy. He is a rolling maniac, he will roll to both sides from his back to belly all the time, then push up on his arms and look around. I think he's doing his own therapy!! His biggest milestone the past couple weeks is that he is now laughing! Not too much of a laugh, but enough to tease me and make me make a fool of myself trying to get more out of him! He talks up a storm still, adding new sounds all the time. We started feeding him cereal, which he LOVES!! And he does sooo well with it, we were all pleasantly surprised!
Our little friend Jack continues his battle with cancer. He is in remission, which is great, but will still need chemo for the next 5 months or so.
Kellan has a doctor appt next week, so I am anxious to see how much he is weighing these days. We'll also check his thyroid again, the Ds increased his risk of thyroid problems, and just for mommy's sake a complete blood count! The following week he see an opthamologist. Children with Ds have a greater chance of needing glasses, so they get checked earlier and more frequently.
All in all things have been fairly quite in the Schye household. Morgan went to her prom last month, looking as beautiful as I've ever seen her. She continues to be my life saver with as much as she helps me out with the little ones. I don't know what I'd do without her. Guess I better not have any more babies, as she'll be gone in a year and there goes my helper! Although I'm not sure how she'll leave her little Kellan!
Shelby and Tobin went with Justin to Glasgow Easter weekend and had a great time with great-grandparents Maas. Shelby is starting soccer, has her first communion and confirmation this weekend. Tobin is gearing up for preschool graduation and hopefully kindegarden in the fall!
I hope everyone is as ready for spring as I am, and praying for warm non-windy weather~!

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