Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little help here!

So my fundraiser for Kaitlyn is going very slowly, but I'm not complaining! I'll do the best I can for her. I read so many other blogs where families are fundraising to children they have committed to and struggling, even 1 family that's had to withdraw their commitment to a child due to financial hurdles they couldn't overcome. I feel such a strong desire to help as many as I can, yet can't help as many as I'd like to. I guess I am led to the ones I'm supposed to help! That being said, we had a garage sale this weekend that I had decided to give 10% to Kaitlyn. Shelby had a bake sale to raise money too, so we decided to split the money with Olgas family to help get her home quickly-as she has waited long enough for a family or her own. I am happy to be able to add to both Kaitlyn and Olgas funds. My Tupperware fundraiser is going fairly well, so that will help Kaitlyn too. So if anyone is able to help and interested in my fundraisers, please see my previous post. I appreciate any help! I got a little (big) uplift tonight, seeing pics of the Cox family bringing home Mia. That just gives this fundraising more reality, something tangible to work towards. When I donated to them months ago it seemed like the day would never come that they would bring her home! Congrats to the whole family! You can see their journey at

Good night!


  1. Hi from francines warrior! just had to say I love what you are doing for the reeces rainbow angels who also have my own heart captured! i am trying to contact all warriors to let you know about a weekly friday linkup/bloghop i am running at my blog, flight platform living over at Its a linkup to profile all the waiting kiddies and find families for them, every week i will add a gallery of faces for anybody please stop by and get that beautiful angels face out there for their mummy to find them! you will find details on how to take part on my post 'rethink, rulechange and really excited' thanks so much. jane xxx if you could spread the word to other warriors you know that would be fab as well xxxx

  2. I cant take credit for being Oksanas warrior... I am borrowing her buttons cause I Love that girl!