Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look what Kellan can do!

Here's the link to Kellans latest and greatest accomplishment!

We are SO proud of him, and as you can see, he's pretty proud of himself! It makes me sad, in a way, because it means he is growing up, and I rather enjoy this meandering through babyhood! As I type this, he is cuddled up next to me in my bed, sucking his thumb and running his blankie through his fingers, drifting off into dreamland! He's so darn sweet! He was a rockstar at speech this week, imitating almost everything miss Vicki would do. He has picked up on putting his finger to his lips like he's saying "shhhh"!!

That started the other day when he was talking on his pretend phone and Justin was trying to get his attention. Kellan turned around to him with his finger on his lips, it was so funny! I tried to upload that photo but it's not working for some reason, but it's on my Facebook page under mobile uploads.

As July is already half over, I can pretty much say I did not do so well on the 5/5/5 warrior fundraising. My Tupperware fundraiser went good, it should bring in almost $200, but the rest did not. I will try again at Christmas time. I have my eye on a little peach named Lilly at Reeces Rainbow, but I feel like I should probably continue to raise funds for Miss Kaitlyn. Who knows, maybe they'll both have families by then!


  1. Oh my gosh, the "Shhh" thing is adorable!!!

  2. Oh wow - I just came across your blog and your Kellan is adorable!!!! :)