Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To save Lilly and Vanessa

Wow, it's been a while again since I've posted! I'm really good at keeping up with all my blogger friends to the right, but not so good at keeping up with my own! The past month or so I have seen some amazing things happen in blog and facebook world. I saw my friend Renee reach what some may have thought was the unreachable goal to bring home her sweet Paisley, who she gets to meet in less than 2 weeks!! We watched that meter rise that final $8,000 in a matter of weeks, and I for one was speechless! Now, I didn't win any of her fabulous prizes, but that doesn't matter!! Ok, I did win Renee's yummy toffee, but I couldn't have her making and sending me that when she was supposed to be focusing on bringing home her girl! She can make it for me when I come to LA to meet them!!
The next awe-inspiring event took place on Adeye's blog. Her mission was to save a sweet little girl named Liliana who is in Bulgaria. http://www.nogreaterjoymom.com/2011/08/because-it-is-our-problem.html Adeye collected, overnight, some great prizes, including 2 iPads, and with that proceeded in the next 24 hours to raise over $23,000 for Liliana!! And the word on the street is now she also has a family!
Most recently, God's work was done through many to help Amy bring Liam home. http://amyandsons.blogspot.com/ What sets this story apart is that there were no prizes to be claimed upon reaching her goal, only the knowledge that we did something good, something really good. Because really, she is adopting her 3rd son with Down syndrome as a single mother, and let's face it, that is REALLY GOOD!! She had some awesome people on earth and in heaven working for her Liam, and it only took a couple days to reach that seemingly unreachable bar! It amazes me how many people are willing to spare a few dollars to help the helpless. I know there are so many more who would open their hearts and homes to these special orphans, if they just had the money it takes to adopt. Who has that kind of money just laying around??

So that brings me to Lily

and Vanessa

These two girls have a whole lot in common. They are both beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls who happen to have Down syndrome. They both have heart conditions and need to see a cardiologist ASAP. They both are listed on Reece's Rainbow. They are both in the same region in Russia. They are very close in age, Lilly is 4, Vanessa is 2. They both have very little money in their adoption grants. They are both living on borrowed time. They both have no mommy or daddy to call their own. They both have no one to love them, tuck them in at night, cuddle them when they are hurt, sick, or scared. But the biggest and best thing (I think) they have in common, is a whole lotta people who pray for them, love them from afar. I have encountered many a momma, and sisters, who love these two and want nothing more than to see them find a home, yesterday.

Now the problem is this: none of us have an iPad or fancy camera, or lots of gift cards to give away. And most of us have blogs with not too many followers. We don't have the traffic, but we have the voices. Together, I believe we can be heard. I believe that people will give, even without the prospect of winning a prize. That being said, I know that great prizes also help alot, so if anyone has any to donate, contact me!! I would love to put together an awesome give-away, or help someone else host one. I believe the key to finding their forever family is to pour money into their adoption grants. I believe their forever family's are already out there, and already know it, they are just trying to figure out how to pay the ransom. That's where we come in. I am asking, no begging, for your help. I am putting Lilly's picture as my profile picture on Facebook for the next week or so, then Vanessa's, then back to Lilly's. Will you change yours too? I am adding a chip-in to my blog. I am starting with just Lilly, frankly because I am scared, scared no one will donate, scared no one will share. But I am even more scared for these girls, that they will not live to see a family if someone doesn't do something soon. Never done this before, but I am taking a deep breath and jumping in. I am donating the first $10, will you give too?
(all chip-ins go to Reeces Rainbow via paypal and are tax-deductible).

BTW, there are 2 awesome girls that are working hard to help Lilly as well, http://www.handiworkforelijah.blogspot.com/. Check them out!!


  1. Oh this is so hard to read. I go to Lily's page every day! I want her so bad, I can tell she has a heart condition by her size and her eyes. I see that spot on her forehead from banging her crib. I'm not sure if Russia will do a single adoption, because I can't leave Jax again. But Ray said in a year we will adopt one more time. I want her in a home before that, but I'm also selfish and want her myself!

  2. I am with Lacey, I want BOTH Lilly & Vanessa, I look or more like stare at their pictures everyday, and would give nearly anything to bring those sweethearts home!! But things are looking good for me to be their Mommy, so I will help them find who they belong to, and maybe hope their family lives close by!