Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My first statement here is to the "troll", Batya, Casey, whatever you are calling yourself today, go away and don't come back to my blog! Do not leave me a nasty comment, or a comment telling me how illegal everything is that we are doing. We do not need your advise or input. I really don't care that you don't like what I'm doing, or what other bloggers are doing. Maybe try some therapy, and there are lots of prayers being said for your cold hard soul!

There have been several blog posts in the past day or two that have really caught my attention...and my heart.  The first is by a momma in EE adopting and has been blessed to spend time with several of the other children in the orphanage.  In fact, when the orphanage workers saw a family come for one of their children, despite the fact that they were so shocked that someone would want them, they lined up the kids and took photos so as to list them and hopefully find them families.  Now several of them are listed on Reeces Rainbow!  Many of them are older and in desperate need of homes very soon, some have Down syndrome, some CP, some other needs.   Renee also offers an inside "mother's perspective" to these kids' abilities and personalities, and into adopting older children with special needs in general. Please visit Renee's blog here.

Next is Adeye's latest post.  She has opened her blog to others to share children who are in desperate need of homes, either because of severe, unaddressed medical problems, or institutionalization.  I don't know what to say.  The last time I looked the list had 94 children on it.  Including my sweet Lilly.  I'm obviously not the only one who fears for her life.  Please, go look at their sweet faces, and pray, donate if you can, and better yet, ADOPT one if you can!!

Last, but not least, I direct you to Jane. Jane lives in UK, and is going to visit an orphanage in EE...well, you can read her story.  She wants to help these kids, but can't do it alone.  Can we help her, help them?  I looked thru this post teary eyed, until a certain photo caught my eye...Stacy!  My darling Stacy, who I raised money for over Christmas is at this same orphanage!  Now this has special meaning to me!  I adore Stacy and pray every day for her family to find her.  This photo of Stacy in the crib is a new one, taken by a family who was there recently adopting two boys out of the same orphanage.


  1. Uggg, I have been hearing lot's about that particular "person"...I cannot believe there are such cruel people in this world!!

    I wish I could rescue each and every one of these sweet children *sigh*

  2. I've had visits from "Jules" on my blog, and I think she's the same person. I feel sorry for her because she could be using her trolling powers for good instead of evil.