Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kellan's physical therapy

Kellan has PT once per week, and he has the most amazing therapist.  She works his little tail off.  He fusses at her sometimes because he doesn't want to work, he wants to play!  This video is what Kristi would like to do the whole hour of therapy.

So he plays her game, he humors her a little (he's doing a great job walking, don't you think?) but soon enough he is showing Kristi what he would rather do the entire hour!

He's so funny, and quite a cutie too, so he gets away with alot!!

I want to share with you what I witnessed in the past 2 days.  There is a family, the Dirkes', who are adopting a little girl, Charlotte from Eastern Europe.  The region she is in requires 3 trips over there, with them being able to bring her home on the 3rd trip.  Their court date is February 14, and they were far from where they needed to be financially, despite a great fundraiser that had been going for quite a while.  Well, the Reece's Rainbow and adoptive parents community is far and wide, so a friend reached out to another friend, who is an awesome fundraiser and has an amazing list of "followers" on her blog and Facebook that answer the call when needed.  Patti   wrote a great post, and put the word out on the 'net that little Charlotte's parents needed some help.  And help they received!  In less than 36 hours almost $7,000 was raised for this family!  Enough to ensure they will leave Monday to go back to their girl.  They haven't seen her since November.  Three months.  My heart breaks for Charlotte, meeting her mommy and daddy, then having them leave, and not really understanding any of it.  But that is all about to change.  In March, they will go back a 3rd time, to bring this sweet girl home, forever.  The Dirkes' could still use a bit more help, for that 3rd trip.  Let me tell you that this $7K that was raised didn't come in $500 or $1,000 increments (although one kind soul did donate $1k!!)  It came in large part from $10 here, $25 there.  Yep, a whole lotta us who love the orphan, and demand to see them in a family, loved, sheltered, every need cared for.  If you feel you can help, please go to Patti's blog, there's a chip-in on the right side bar.  All donations are tax-deductable and go to Reece's Rainbow.  I go to bed honored and proud to be part of such an amazing community, most who have never laid eyes on one another, but still lay it all on the line for each other!!

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  1. Kellan's PT looks FABULOUS! She is one of those who really looks like she loves her job and genuinely cares about the child she works with. Loved the video! Kellan is doing great :)