Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday, Saving Stacy & OrphanLove

Yes, I do realize that it is Wednesday!  So I'm a day late and a dollar (at least) short, but here it is!  I'm taking the easy way out tho, and directing you to Melissa's blog!  I advocated for Stacy over the Christmas season, and duing that time fell in love with her.  She breaks my heart, so tiny, so sad.  Confined to a crib, and she's 5 years old!!  I know her momma is out there somewhere, and I pray she comes forward very soon!  Every day that she waits is another day that passes that she knows no love, that she's never been hugged, kissed, told that she is loved.  Will you pray for her with me?  And for her momma who's out there?  Hang in there little one! 

In the meantime, I have officially opened my Facebook "store", OrphanLove!!  Now I am REALLY excited about this because my mom is helping me make alot of the items (she's very crafty!) and all the proceeds will go to help Recces Rainbow orphans and families who are adopting them!  Now through Easter Sunday a portion of all the proceeds is going to the Rhodes' family, who is very close to going to rescue their 2 boys from Eastern Europe.  I "met" Mandy when the Christmas Angel season started last fall.  I have watched this woman selflessly advocate for other families and kids, trying to help them raise the money they need to go get their children, or find their families.  Well, now Mandy needs help, she needs to raise the last of the money they need to cross the ocean and get those boys!!  So visit my store and help them all at the same time!!

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