Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm 10 days in to my zero pound challenge, and today was weight and measurements day. I was a big nervous, as I had a terrible weekend. But all my numbers were down, so I was very happy!
I'm liking the meal plan, especially because "cheat" days are allowed occasionally. Rebecca, the owner of fit body, is so supportive. I emailed her after my bad weekend, wondering if I should pick up with day 8 of the plan or start back on day 5, where I kind of left off.  She told me just to start back on day 8 and shake off the weekend, and do better this weekend. We are going to
Missoula for Cat-Griz, so it's going to be a tough one again, but I'm determined to do better!

In other news, Tobins football team, Guadalajara Gladiators, took 3rd place, and Tobin was chosen for All-Stars! At their team dinner last night one of the coaches (the offensive coach) singled Tobin out, saying what a great season he'd had as center. I was a proud momma!

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