Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tobin's 9th birthday, Minecraft style!

I haven't blogged in so long that I may have forgotten how, but here goes!

Tobin's birthday party was actually on his birthday this year!  My little boy, nine years old!  His party was at Geyser Park, where they played a round of mini golf and then laser tag.  After cake and gifts they wasted spent a bunch of money on video games. He loves Minecraft, so I decided on that for a cake theme.  I scoured the internet for ideas, and basically took 3 different ones and combined what I liked about them.  I was happy about how it turned out, until Tobin's friend Devin said, "what is it, a football?"  Lol!!  Stinker! 

He wanted a chocolate and vanilla cake, so I did my large sheet pan and did one of each and layered them.  It ended up being WAY too much cake, but I just sent the leftovers home with all his friends! 

After his friend party, Grandmas Kathy and Brenda, Aunt Stef, and Aspen met us at MacKenzie River Pizza, where Tobin's sole purpose for going was so he could get a "MacLovin", a sinful hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.  It was a great day for him!

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