Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Kellan was discharged from the hospital today. He had a good night last night, we moved out of the PICU last evening, which I thought meant we'd leave the monitors behind, but no. We took them with us, but not the nurse to monitor them! So that left me to watch them, and listen to them alarm every time Kellan moved. Not a very restful night. The room we moved to was right outside the PICU and there was a window between my bed and the crib that the other baby in PICU was in. I could hear her crying off and on all night, and felt so bad for her. Her alarms went off frequently, she is a very sick little baby-11 days old. I just talked to her mom and they are flying her to Denver now. They don't know what is wrong with her. I feel so bad for them. We are so lucky to have gotten to come home with everything being OK. Kellan has been awake and alert for the last 2 hours, so nice to see his blue eyes looking around! He hasn't had any more spasms or spells or whatever it was that happened Friday. There is possibly a pediatric neurologist that comes to the specialty clinic here so we'll find out more tomorrow about that. Thank you to everyone for prayers and support. Please add Kellan's former PICU roomie to your prayers.

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