Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kellan had his pediatrician appt yesterday and was up to 6 lbs 6 oz, 4 oz in 4 days!! YAY! Today we saw the cardiologist, and his patent ductus closed, another HUGE YAY!! the other is still a little leaky but no big deal, he never has to see the cardiologist again! He seemed very apprehensive at the cariologists office, sucking away on his paci and looking around like "what's going on? Don't poke me!" It was a painless visit. His EKG needed 15 leads put on his chest, which is tiny, so he looked funny with all that. Justin took pics so I'll post them when we get them uploaded. He was really alert when we got home, looking at his black and white toy for some time. I laid him on his stomach for some "tummy time" on the loving room floor and he rolled back over to his back!! No joke, and he was completely on his abdomen when I laid him down! He's a strong little bugger!

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