Saturday, November 7, 2009

PICU and seizures

Kellan was admitted to the PICU yesterday afternoon with possible seizures. Justin and I noticed him having what looked like muscle spasms and cocking his head to the left. We took him right over to the clinic where they called an ambulance to take us to the hospital. He had an EEG of his brain then was given a loading dose of an anti-seizure med that then made him very sleepy. He had a good night, and thanks to 1 to 1 nursing, I got some sleep too! He had an MRI of his brain this am and did so well with it he didn't even need sedation, which was good. We hopefully will get both test results later this afternoon. There is no pediatric neurologist here so the EEG had to be read by one in Denver. They will also have us go to Denver in a couple weeks to see a neurologist. For now, Kellan is just real sleepy but waking to eat. Please keep him in your prayers. I will keep this updated as much as I can.


  1. Kellan is in my prayers. Take care...I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Sorry to hear this about Kellan. I read your comment on my blog and as far as I know, Bennett has not had any seizure activity. I will keep Kellan in my prayers-hope he is okay!!

  3. Hi - this is Karyn. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Feel free to follow us, and I will be following you as well. Kellan will be in my thoughts and prayers.